CSR & Sustainability


Every day we follow the path of environmental sustainability, promoting company policies and actions aimed at reducing the ecological impact of our products and the technologies we develop, with particular attention to energy saving and the quality of the materials used.

  • Most of our equipment features stand-by or power-off functions, which allow the machines to switch off or go into a stand-by mode after a predefined period of inactivity. This ensures energy savings and optimising the use of electrical components, electronics and hydraulics components.
  • Where possible, we equip our solutions with rechargeable batteries, guaranteed for a high number of recharge cycles.
  • We perform specific chemical treatments on some accessories subject to wear to increase their life.
  • More and more often we choose to use ecological materials, such as paper padding and eco-friendly adhesive tapes, to package our spare parts.
  • Remote assistance: identifying the fault remotely allows you to reduce CO2 emissions as it is often possible to solve the problem without physically going to the customer.

Our Planet, Our Priority

Sustainability is not just about the environment, but also about the well-being of the people and communities in which we operate.
Innovation, enhancement of diversity and collaboration are the pillars of our success and the values which, in almost 70 years of history, have allowed us to be pioneers first and then leaders in the Automotive Aftermarket sector.
Our approach to innovation goes far beyond technology. For us, innovation also means respect for people and their ideas. We believe that fostering a corporate culture that values diversity is critical to success.
The organization of our Group is based precisely on the awareness that our solutions cannot be unambiguous in terms of all the business units of which it is composed and that each business unit must find the most coherent way of working with its own culture and objectives, to guarantee solutions that are effective and in line with the specific requirements of each market.